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Complete Betting Shop Solutions


The opening of a Betting shop offers you the possibility to step professionally into the fast growing betting sector and the chance to start the way into your new business with positive prospects.

Your can offer your customers sports at a unique and thrilling manner and an exciting betting experience that pays off. 

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  • Sportsbook
  • Retail
  • Casino
  • Virtual Games
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Bet Odds Types


Including 2,000 bet types and
30,000+ live events in a month.

Betting Shops

The opportunities to place bets are various today–via internet from home, by mobile application on the smartphone or at the terminal!

But the most popular way is still the visit in a betting shop. There the clients can use the whole shop offers in community with others, they are able to compare notes and enjoy sport in a unique and special manner.

So that you could enable an optimal betting experience to your customers, some pre-conditions must be fulfilled:

  • Your shop must be at least 90 m^2 in size.

  • Your shop should be at a frequented location (downtown, pedestrian zone...).

  • The shop location should have a connection to public transport system.

  • Sufficient parking opportunities must be in the immediate vicinity.

  • The shop must have a good internet connection.

Betting Terminals
Sports Betting Shops
Betting Terminal Solutions


  • We provide you complete terminal solutions in your shops. By the easy handling, you offer your clients a further attractive option to place their bets.

  • On the one hand, you as a shop owner gain be charged easily, an additional source of income and on the other hand you are able to ease the burden of your cash systems. Due to this additional option you can give your clients some variety in your betting shop. 

  • *Private and safe placing of bets

  • *Multi-Functional display Opportunities

  • *Highest comfort in handling




  • Even today cash is the most popular choice of clients to pay, but the handling also holds many risks. Our new device works against this specific problems.

  • A cash deposit is a self-contained, fully automated till system, which will simplify the handling with cash in your company a lot.

  • Thanks to the device the control of the payment transactions is automated.

  • It is also easy to maintain the overview about die the cash holdings and the change.

  • The device recognizes new euro notes without any problems and ensures protection against the acceptance or output of counterfeit money, because the authenticity is directly checked.

  • The Advantages for your Clients: Faster transaction processing by automated payments, improves hygienic conditions, guarantees correct output of change (EZB certified!), no output of counterfeit money, improvement of your service simple handling

Betting Cash Systems

Retail Solution

Easy installation Betsgate software on your existing POS. Agent system and Loyality program for employees. Easy integration into other platforms. Over 1000 installed POS with central control on regulated markets. Unique All-in-one terminals or installation on your existing POS. Central control of entire network. Comprehensive branch equipment.

Multi Changer

  • A closed Cash Cycle thanks to the Multi Changer

  • In order to facilitate the payment transactions including in- and out-payments as well as money exchange procedures.

    These automats are about money exchanging by using a system that has been especially developed for the betting market combined with the luxury up-to-date technologies and the ease-to-use.

  • The device is integrated in network and system of your bet shop, so a closed money cycle occurs which brings several advantages to your betting shop.

  • The Multi Changer could be managed and controlled by a remote control from afar.

  • Through an integrated scanner, the tickets are swiped and paid-out.

  • The scanner that was developed especially for the Multi Changer recognizes barcodes of tickets even from distance.

  • It combines luxury, innovation and technology and persuades you and your customers to use it immediately.

Multi Changer

Ticket Checker

  • Easy Ticket checking in an Instant

  • With the ticket checker you present your customers a piece of freedom and you will be rewarded for that with easing of burden.

  • Your customers can quite easily check their coupons by themselves at any time.

  • They can learn about the current status of relevant sports results and also possibly gains for bets they have placed by rapid and uncomplicated means. For this purpose, the customer holds the ticket simply under a barcode scanner and in this case, our bet software automatically undertakes the rest - processing and displaying of data.

Ticket Checker
Info Screens

Info Screens

  • With the Info Screens along with the Live TV display, your bet shop will clearly turn into a sports arena.

  • Even during matches it is possible to place bets by the counter or at the terminals. This not only raises your turnover, but makes the betting experience thanks to our display system many times more exciting and thrilling..

  • Quotas and data will be displayed openly and without delay on screens.

  • An integrated interface is enabled to your computer by our bet shop software. Upon request, you can record what is on single screens also totally individually and therefore you can display more than one live bets parallelly on a screen

  • You can also change the displays as often as you wish during the gaming incident and offer your customers a diversity by this means.

  • The advantages of the Info Screens: A clear Screen System, Flexibly and individually displayable, Compact Mini PC’s, Easy installation, Parallel broadcasting of different events, Displays alterable anytime, High customer acceptance, Supported, trouble-free betting process, Perfect supplement for any betting system.

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